JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center – the one and only brand of JW Plastic Surgery Center (Korea) in Vietnam

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JW Korean plastic surgery center is the number one most trusted Korean plastic surgery brand in Vietnam with the official co-operation between Jeong Won (JW) Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul – Korea and the best Vietnamese plastic surgeons who are well-trained in Korea. We are the first and foremost brand of JW Plastic Surgery Center in Vietnam

For the first time, a plastic surgery center model followed Korean standard officially starts in Ho Chi Minh City. Modern facilities and equipments of JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center all are imported directly from Korea; the beauty technologies are also learnt from Korea in order to be suitable with Vietnamese people in particular and Asian people in general. The difference of JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center is that our doctors are specialized in each particular plastic surgery field, each doctor has their own specialized technique in order to bring the best surgical result to our customers.

Now Vietnamese customers have the chance to do Korean style of plastic surgery right at Ho Chi Minh City with the best Korean plastic surgery specialists from Korea and the Vietnamese doctors who are well-trained directly from JW plastic surgery center.

JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center is well-built from modern facilities to equipments. of our cosmetic implants are imported directly from Korean. Our center locates at the 8 floor building right at the center of district 1 with good facilities, modern clean surgery room

Especially, at JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center, customers will have consultation with doctor directly before making any decision. Our customer will understand clearly about the procedures of pre-operation and post operation such as: –          Which surgical technique is the best for your situation? –          How long would the surgery take? –          Which kind of surgical material will be used and where is it from? –          The detailed of care instruction after surgery –          Risks and  precautions may occur –          General health check in order to detect hidden diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, liver or kidney problems, etc to ensure the surgical safety. –          Clear warranty policy

M.D Nguyen Phan Tu Dung and M.D Nguyen Vang Viet Hao in their training course at JW Plastic Surgery Center at Gangnam District – Seoul City – Korea in 2011 Customers will feel secured when coming to JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center to maintain their beauty. We are committed to the highest cosmetic quality, the most updated technology that JW Plastic Surgery Center has proposed when establishing its brand in Vietnam.

MD. Man Koon Suh gives books of Korean rhinoplasty written by him. Asian Rhinoplasty Booko of M.D Man Kooh Suh is one of the specialized rhinoplasty book which are widely published in Korea

We are JW Korean Plastic Surgery center – a brand of JW Plastic Surgery that are establish legally under the Vietnamese law. We are also the trusted brand of plastic surgery in HCMC as well as in Vietnam.

 Hundreds of customers attended the seminar of Korean cosmetic technology Introduction and the ceremony of Empower Certificate between JW Plastic Surgery Center (Korea) and its only brand – JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center (Vietnam) at New World Hotel, HCMC. We are the one and only brand of JW Plastic Surgery Center in Vietnam

We are the one and only brand of JW Plastic Surgery Center in Vietnam, the other centers which announced that they has the co-operation with JW is untrue, JW plastic surgery center will not take any responsibility of those untrue centers mentioned as above. M.D Man Koon Suh and M.D Nguyen Phan Tu Dung agreed to establish and built the brand of JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center under the prestigious, quality and honesty The one and only brand of JW Plastic Surgery Center in VN For any inquiry, please kindly contact us: JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center Office:  44 – 46 – 48 – 50 Tôn Thất Tùng, P.Bến Thành, Q.1, TP.HCM-  Tel: (08) 6683 2222 – (08) 2237 4567 – Hotline: 09. 6868. 1111 – 09. 6868. 2222 – Email: thammyvienhanquoc@gmail.com Web: thammyhanquoc.vn  –  thammyhanquoc.com.vnFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/ThamMyHanQuocJW

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